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Whining isn't always bad and the two bathroom dance

I wanted to play the buffy board game.

So I whined.

And someone reminded me that I was invited to a party that I had forgotten about and perhaps people there would want to play with me, so I said ok, but I don't want to hijack the party, and they said, but these people play games all the time. So frolain gave me a ride, and we arrived and after alittle bit people played Buffy with me! YAY! I won as evil once and lost quickly and swiftly as evil the second time.

Then we played space munchkin and I got laser, schmaser, momaser, laser and one other one. I can't quite remember the names. Anyway, it amused me.

Then I came home, had to use the bathroom, found one toliet clogged, couldnt' find the plunger, but hey, we have two bathrooms! *dance* So tomorrow I'll buy a plunger.

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