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Adventures on the T

We were coming back from Dim Sum and there at the bottom of the stairs was what looked like a homeless man, at first glance, he might have been sleeping, but at second glance I noticed that he was completely blocking the stairs and that his hat was a few feet from him and he was a touch pale. He looked as if he had fallen. We passed as you would roadkill and searched for someone to tell. We foudn a police box and told them where he was and went on our way.

That was proably the best thing we could have done. he'd fallen, so moving him probably wasn't the best thing, since he might have had a spinal injury. We could have checked for breathing or a pulse, but then what? Rick moving him to do CPR? I think that I could do CPR in a dire emergancy, but I've had only a little training and that was so many years ago. Maybe he has some disease anyway, since I had no way to protect myself. It's a city, it's downtown town crossing surely someone who knew what they were doign would be there soon.

So why did I feel so bad afterwards. It wouldn't have helped any to wait there for the parametics to come. But watching all those people passing by, some making sure that help were called, but still passing by, made me feel so cold.

Then, Ting back from Harvard to Davis, a teetering man started to make noises as if here were going to throw up. Everyone moved way back from him and gave worried glances. I thought, well, being sick isn't life threating, can't help him. We all stepped to the other door, and he continued to teeter and make the noises. The train pulled into Davis and the man straightened up with an amused smile on his face and brikly waslked to the stairs. His friends joined him (who had been at the far end of the car) and he happily made is way out of the T. He'd been faking just to get people to move away.

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