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Happy astonishment

It's fun to watch the vet be astonished at Nicki's health. It's nice to know that my impression on how nicki is doing matches the vets. The vet also said that his teeth didn't look bad enough to put him under again, which is a good thing. She also said that he might have started having arthritis, given the sensitivity of his hips when I tried to comb out a matt. We got some cat Glucosamine, which I've taken off and on for my own joints. Still not sure if it helps anything, but at least I am familiar with the medication. She also claimed that there have been clinical trials on cats.

All in all a happy vet visit. I like it when the vet tells you nothing is as bad as you feared. Though that does leave me with the feeling that I annoyed the vet by bringing up little things. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a hyprocondriac for nicki, having to mention is allergies, deafness, hyperthryiodism and age any time I'm asked any question by the vet.

Oh well, it's still good news despite my social anxieties. Yay!

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