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DDR tourney

On April 23 at 1pm there will be a DDR tournament at good time emporium.
It only costs the price of the games you play to enter. I asked the people who will be there if they minded someone entering who wouldn't qualify, and they said yes. They though it was good experience to play in a tournament even if you aren't going to qualify. It's during the day, but it's also a school holiday, so it's likely to be all the younger DDR players. There aren't that many older DDR players to start with, so I'm not sure that matters. Anyway, these people are WAY better than me and I've been bouncing back and forth about weather I want to go. If I'm going I should decide sooner than later, so that I can make an effort to go to the arcade enough to get used the difference in the pads and play some of the songs that I don't have at home. Keep in mind that the people who will qualify have an easy time with songs that I can't reliably pass.

Poll #119641 DDR tourney

Should I go to compete in the DDR tourney on April 24th?

Yes, so what if you make a fool of yourself.
No, It will be embarrassing.
No, a 28 year-old, overweight, female DDR player is rare enough around here that you need to make a good impression the first time you play.
Yes, it's during the day (though a school holiday), maybe the crowd will be small enough that you'll actually place.
No, cause you're a big chicken.
Yes, because in three weeks you might be good enough to qualify.
You should go, but not compete.
You're a big chicken.
You look like a fool playing DDR anyway, why would it matter if you look like a fool playing in a tournament?
Yes, because a 28 year old, overweight, female DDR player is rare enough around here that you should make some showing, any showing, even if you won't qualify.

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