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I have a show!

So a long long time ago I sent some portfolio pictures to Someday Cafe and didn't heard anything, so I figured, oh well, it was nice to try. This morning a guy from Mr. Crepe phones. I don't know why I wanted to answer the phone, since it was against my policy, and I don't know why I didn't assume he was a telemarketer when he mispronounced my name, buyt I didn't, and now I have 5 of my paintings up in Mr. Crepe! I have a small show! Yay!

What's up there is 桜 (sakura), Purple Lady, The Place, Dream Weaver, and my unfinished painting that is now declared finished and now called Horizon because the Mr. Crepe guy was the second person to suggest the title.

They'll be up for three weeks.

EDIT: mine are the oil paintings up top, not the drawings down below.

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