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Got something done

(This is not about DDR, despite mentioning it several times)

I actually got something done today, even if it was all frivolously focused. I started work on the animated DDR icons for the ddr_songs contest, one hand drawn art, one altered photograph. I have two ideas and I want get them done. I've never done hand animation before and it's proving tough. I hope I succeed. I also actually got some good coding work on my DDR survey's page. Man it feels good to code again. I even did something "cute" that greg says is acutally a useful opimization. Yay! I'm fearing that once I get the survey done, none of the DDR players will care about it to even answer it, but at least I'm exercising my coding muscles. The pages are still ugly, but not horribly so. I still have a lot of coding and testing to do before I'll have pretty, nightly, updated graphs to look at.

In both cases the out come is less important than the practice it will give me. Yay! Getting stuff done.

Now, if I could just learn that stupid new drum fundimental that should be easy, but I'm having an annoying time with.

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