Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage


Sleep, but I could get there and he could get back.
Cylcing, though spazy and tired, all through band.
Very tired. He drives.
Drop off time, almost time switch drivers time, then home.
Boom. Apply one car to one curb at a none too gentle a speed.
Poor parelli, sliced pretty deep. I can't decide if it's safe to drive.
He decides.
No, don't drive home on that when you have the brain power of a dizzy pea. Stupid cursed $90 tires.
Change tire.
Lower car.
EEK! EKK! wrong... what's wrong!
Check pressure in spare.
30psi. Stupid saturn. It's only been a year since you touched that spare, it can't of lost that much pressure so soon? Supposed to be 60psi.
I think I cry at this point. I'm way to tired. I have no ablity to deal with whats going on.
He phones AAA, because I can't. Good thing too, because I have to verify my address, I do, but I can't understand a word the guy is sayin after that. It just makes no sense. My brain can't process accented English. 45 minutes for air. NO, NO TOWING (where is this from? do I acutally have any information to back this up? I'll trust it for now, since I can't access large portions of my intellegence right now.)
After some discussion, while waiting for AAA (getting me in out of the cold) we come to teh conclution that maybe a bike pump will work.
Do I remember something about that being bad, like getting dirt in your tires? I can't figure out any logic for which that would be true, so let's give it a try.
Oh yah, car tires, even compact spares, are bigger than bike tires, I wonder how long this will take.
Turns out not long, the pump has a gauge on it that mostly agrees with the tire gauge (and goes high enough to get the right.)
Cancel AAA.
Go home.
Listen to the compact tire sing. Be REALLY gentle with it.
Wait until tomorrow to call saturn, order new tire, wait, get it replace. Maybe replace spare with small buldge in it. Don't know.
I hope I remember to check the spare pressure after I get the car back this time.

I've owned the car 4 years and this is the 4th bad tire. Two because of curbs, two unexplained. Grumble.
Sleep now.

EDIT: I realized, while goign to bed, that I never ate dinner, so my inablity to cope and random crying was also hunger as well as sleep problems.

Saturn thinks they can get me a new tire by friday and put it on. We'll see then if the rim damage is too severe, but I think it just needs a filing. I also need to decide if I'm getting my spare replaced, since it has a buldge. I'll ask them about that at some point. Since I'm planning on a long trip soon, I should likely get it replaced, just incase. I guess I should also check the air in it more often than once a year.

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