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Sometimes I love living here

A pretty walk down the bike path (a oasis in the city)
Dim sum with custard buns and yummy shu mai
Telos (a dangerous, dangerous place, had to put three things back)
Bubble tea, and a walk home to see my Greg
Good thing too, since I needed the umbrella
Walk, talking to my mother, stop to look at the eye-popping blue flowers
laura47 looks at me funny talking to the flowers
Tea and cucumber sandwiches and curried deviled eggs
A game of US Patent No 1 (it turns out you've invented time travel, but then so has a bunch of other people, so the only way to settle who was first is to all go back in time to when the US patent office opened and fight for US Patent No. 1)
Walk with the beautiful jencallisto to the happy dinner wishes.
Buy playdough for claydonians, having remembered the game existed
Eat Melasian food (and more bubble tea! rock on!)
Go and browes the books store, buying yet another language book.
Spend good times in H^2, walk home.

Good day. So wonderful to have all these things around me and the wonderful people that make them enjoyable.

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