Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage


Went to manray tonight . plymouth wore a dress that not many people could pull off, but she looked marvolous in it. I wore my new vinyl corset thing and my kick ass telos skirt, but the corset thing folded where the skirt ended because I'm still poogie in the middle, so maybe in another 10-15 lbs it will look good on me. I don't think it looked to bad, but.... the other possiblity is to get some metal boneing for it (and never sit down again) or put more friction in the ties so I can make the poogie part tight with out making the waist or the breast part tight. I'll have to experiment with it. I also should have worn socks and my gloves kept falling down.

I'll up date my costumes page tomorrow with pictures of me. I had fun, even if I got tired really past.

EDIT: Costume page updated.

EDIT: They played slave 4 U, a brittney spears song (I think) at manray. Just wrong.
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