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inventing a cinnamon bun

Happiness is REALLY wanting a cinnamon bun and walking in to desiel and saying, "What do you have with the most cinnamon?"
"You mean drink, or..."
"Well there's this."
"Ooo! A cinnamon pecan roll."
"Actually, it's maple."
"I think it's the clostest we have."
"Ok, I'll try it. Do you have a shaker of cinnamon?"
"Over there, but it's not sweetened."
"This will be plenty sweet enough."

I pay, walk over to the shaker, shake a little on, but the shaker is too slow, so I open it up and pour a huge gob on. The bun is in a paper bag, so I close the bag and walk out of the desiel shaking the bag. People took at me funny, but when I take that first bite, it's perfect: not too sweet and nice and cinnamony.

Thank goodness for being part of an inventing, tool using species.

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