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I am not an entreprenuer, then what am I doing?

So in the porter exchange there is an aproximately 10'x10' space with a sign on it that it's available for lease. It's in the middle of the hall, no walls. I look at that space, I look at all the japanese and korean food shops in the porter exchange and think "There should be a DDR machine there." I think, "I need a source of income, maybe I should put a DDR machine there."

I wrote down the number, but didn't call. So many issues to think about. I don't even know how to apply for a small business permit. What about liablity, what about vandalism, what about the stigma that some people have that video games attract unsavory people. Do I really want to risk n thousand dollars on a plan that could go so horribly awry? If they kicked me out I don't even have enough storage to keep the machine in until I could sell it.

I don't have the dive right in, go get it, fight against all odds personality that one really needs to be an entreprenuer. I'm more of the hide-in-the-corner-and-see-if-people-throw-money-at-me type.

So why did I just phone the number and leave voice mail with my name and number asking for details on the space?
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