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Make money slow!

So it is the phone kiosk space. They're taking those cabinates. The rent is $755/month with a 3% increase per year. This includes electricity and heat. If I add in $50/month of maintnce costs (switches and arrows aremuch cheaper than I thought, but that number might still be a little low) I would have to bring in $27 per day for a 30 day month. That, at the going price, is 27 games of DDR. I think that is a very likely number.

I don't know how much insurance nor what other costs I would have to add in.

Two major problems: The noise concern will have to be researched with the landlord and likely the surrounding shops and there is a list of people who already want the space.

Looking around I can get a DDR extreme machine right now from a distubtor (not ebay) for $6k including shipping.

So the question is, do I want to phone back and ask how to research the noise issue and potenially be added to the list of people who get phoned if the current verbal deal falls through.

I think the next step is to research all the small business issues. See what I can get done with out costing me anything, research insurance prices and see where I stand then.

I will assume the space lost, but since this is not my first time thinking about this plan, learning would not be wasted time.

EDIT: oops, forgot about taxes.

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