Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

So I sent a birage of questions to tmobile's costomer service via email (I phoned to find out that my service contract was up on October, 21) and they acutally did a fairly good job of answering them all. Things I learned. They do claim that the nokia 6800 will work wither their netowrk and gave me a URL so I could check for myself on other things. (though it's not the most satisfying reasurance.) They will also give me a whole $30 for renewing my contract for a year. I'm not sure that's worth it... but if I'm buying an expensive phone it might be... don't know.

I was impressed. They addressed all my questions to my satisfaction.

However, at&t is starting to be more tempting since I descovered that they have customer forums which hold a nice bank of informations where I've learned thigns like people are disappointed that the 6800 only has 4 voice poly, that they seem to be robust and that there is a bug that doesnt' allow it to use "stitched" files. ie files bigger than a chunk that have to be put back together when they arrive. There are deals right now where the phone is free from att after rebates if you take the $30/month plan that has way more minutes than my current plan. Given that it adds a $100 discount on the phone that would only be $20 for the year. However, att messaging is twice as much per message, and since that's what I want to use more often, that's not great. Their costomer service looks to be more geek friendly though. I would have to wait until october to switch. But I have to wait until mid-August anyway.

I'm still kind of leaning towards buying an unlocked phone on ebay and staying with tmobile, possibly taking the $30 discount... I'm not sure if I want to commit to that though. But I can wait on the descion.

The right thing would be to wait and see if tmobile picks up the phone, but I'm too impatient for that.

Actually, the right thing is to be cheap and not be silly and spend money on this.

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