Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Amazon now has the phone in stock with no plan for $250. I would
rather deal with amazon if I can, but I'm pretty sure the phone is sim
locked to AT&T. I've sent mail asking for certain, but I'm sure that
they will tell me it is. There are sites that claim free unlock codes,
the only problem is if you fail at unlocking a phone 5 times it
freezes up, so I can't try that many times. I also hate buying
something that I'm somewhat likely to have to return. I'm also not
sure if using up one of the unlock attempts counts as misusing the
product enough that I shouldn't return and item that I do this to.

There also seems to be this vague hand wavy argument on ebay that
never been locked phones are better than ones that have been locked
and are now unlocked. The only reason for this I can find is that
there are several kinds of locks and also feature disables, and an
unlocking may not be complete.

So, given that information...

Note: the $200 + shipping options is unlocked by the seller.

Poll #162583 unbefuddle me

Should I....

Buy a phone from amazon ($250) and make sure it's locked by trying my sim. Return if it is locked.
Buy a phone from amazon, try to unlock it once, return it if I fail.
Try for a "never been locked" phone on ebay (~$230)
Take the next reasonable $200 + shipping on ebay.

EDIT: ARG! All the prices are going up on ebay. It's horrible. My confidence in unlocking is completely gone and I just WANT THIS TO STOP. I don't want to want this stupid phone any more!

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