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The stupidest things make me happy. avacon helped me get my rasputin ring tone on my phone tonight. Very happy.

Sad, though, is the fan on our router machine dying and it shutting off on over heat.


I really like it, and if the battery has the life it says it does, I'll love it. I think that I'll likely cancel the GPRS service and I'm going to buy a data cable sometime soon (if I can afford it.)

The one thing that I didn't count on is that it's much lighter than my other phone, which makes it a much bigger joy to have in my pocket.

I love the keyboard thing, even if my brain keeps going the 90 rotate on the buttons when the phone does it too and I get confused when the buttons don't do what they did when the phone was closed.

It has frozen once for me while trying to play a ringtone I downloaded. I had to take the battery out to reset it.

I'm also really happy that I've seen the pictures of what happens to this phone when it falls off a roller coaster. Yes, it get's destroyed, but the screen stays intact, since that was the death of my last phone and I would not be able to afford to replace this one.

Was it worth it? I probably shouldn't have spent the money given my cell phone usage, but it is a really nice toy and I am happy with it. I now have a phone I like instead of one I hate. And it wasn't worht the angst, but that was... a different problem.

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