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Busy day and a half

This is long because I'm tired and my brain doesn't summarize very well.

So last night my sister phoned, having been in cape cod for the week, asking if she, her husband and her two children could spend the evening and half of the next day with me. I really like my sisters and so I jumped at the opertunity, even if it did mean getting less sleep. I frantically (and quite sucessfully) cleaned the house and prepared as best I could for their visit. They arrived late and spent a little bit of time in the evening. Greg go home and he and I went to bed at normal late time.

My two year old nephew got up at 6:40, when he ususally does, so about then I drifted in and out of sleep waiting for 9 when I asked my sister to wake me so I could visit with them. 9 came and I was already mostly awake. My nephew and brother-in-law had gone to the park I gave directions to, so I walked my sister and my neice to the park. We spent some time there and then went off to have breakfast. I was going to have this be the first day of my diet, but oh well. We then made it home and I showed my nephew the pinball machine and the taiko drumming game. We found a bit more entertainment for him and then, about 2pm it was time for them to leave, so they barreled into the car and drove home to Ottawa.

Quite a nice visit.

I spent a long while, after that, leafing throguh my closet to find something that I could wear on stage. The problem was avoiding being too gothy, finding things that acutally fit and finding things that I could wear with a bra. I ended up deciding to wear something frumpy, since I couldn't figure anything out. I decided that pockets were worth something to me as well.

I then, because I was very tired, napped and then hit the ground running after my nap to get ready to go pick up coraline and nacht_music. I got to thier place and Mike and Deb were there too. Everyone was running behind and because I was tired and had so many little things go wrong, I was annoyed until I learned that it was their intention to stick to the last plan I knew of. I hope in my tired stupor I made it clear that once I found out that the plan hadn't changed on purpose I was no longer annoyed.

We then wended our way through boston to get to jaques. Mike and deb did a supior following job. And after one failed circulation for parking. Jacque's let us park right at the club/bar. First win of the evening

I then got to do the very long porcess of setting up the drum set for the gig.

The gig went well. I screwed up a few things in my drumming, but it went well for my first public drum preformance. I didn't try for the harder beat that I've been hacing trouble with. I completely messed up my sax stuff, but other than that it was a pretty good show. Thank you to all the people who came out. (too tired to remember the lj names of the people who were there.) It was nice to have an audience larger than 1 or 0.

Afterwards we stayed and watched the other two acts. The first one was fun to listen to, especially the "I like Mike" song since it put Mike in funky-dance-mode. The second one had this amazing voice that completely didn't sound like it should be coming out of his mouth.

While watching them I started to feel terribly lonely. There was some drifting going on, and I felt misplaced in it. It didn't help any that my social skills had been completely killed by being very tired so when people did approach me, I was completely awkward to the point of bordering on brain dead. ("You drove me to the gem show." *confused look*"What's a Jem show?" (this is how my brain spelled it at the time. It was thinking "Is that a ban based ont eh 80s cartoon?") "The gem show. I'm sure it was you. What's your name?" "Cat." "Yah it was you." "Oh! a gem show.") I asked jencallisto for a hug, because it was getting really bad. I'm glad there are people I feel comfortable asking for hugs from and they are even around at convient times. Still, having to ask for it took a lot of what I needed from it out of it.

It wasn't too bad though, since I knew that when I came home, there would be someone waiting for me. I do feel lucky for that.

Well it's late, and I'm super tired. Hopefully I won't regret this post in the morning, because I'm not sure that I have enough brain filter left to even know what I should have said in this post or not.

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