Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage


The $7 wings from oriental trading co arrived, but they only have feathers on one side. This is sad. I wanted to test the spray painting before I figured out what to do about this, in case wings + spray paint == big mess. IT didn't. They came out looking really nice. So I phoned them up and complained, waiting really to just get free shipping because if they had told me there was only feathers on one side I might have ordered two and just glued them together (which is my plan now.) and not been charged anymore shipping. Once I pointed out that they're picture and description were misleading (she was really surprised and though that it should have been fixed long ago), they just decided to send me another one, free shipping, free everything. Yay! So soon I'll have wings, one black, one white, with feathers on both sides!

Oh and the wig sheds hair, but hey, it's a $7 wig. It's so the right color of blue though. Once I sew up the ribbons I'll style the wig once and then not really touch it much after that.

I'll put the black on the other side once I get the second set. The problem is most of the pictures of dizzy can't actually decide which wing which be on which side.
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