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So about a year ago I saw a cool concept. A playstation controller designed to make you get up and punch and kick. At the time it was $40. It, however, never caught on. Recently I went looking again and it turns out that KB is remainderedin them for $5 each and sears (Who has cheaper shipping) for $7. It was $15 with shipping. It's a very silly thing. It gives new meaning to button mashing. I was able to pull off a quarter circle or two, so I think that I could get better at it. Now the big problem is that all my good fighting games are for DC and saturn. I could but converters that are more expensive than this silly thing I bought, or I can just wait until I buy ggxx and play with it then.

If you can't see from the picture. It's esentially a DDR mat with a bigger dead spot in the center and places for the L1R1, etc buttons. Then the square, triangle, X and O buttons are break beams. High and low punch and right and left kick. My attempt to show the where the break beams are is to the right.

I love silly ways of interfacing with my video games.

Oh yah, it really does say "THRUSTMASTER" in big letters all over the poles that stick up.

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