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Should I be less scared?

So I've been really nervous about nicki getting out, becuase it was a bad thing when he could hear and now he can't. So when I came home form recording set up and nicki was walking down the sidewalk I was a little confused. He'd gotten out through the basement door that had been left open for the plumbers. I don't know how long he was out there, but nothing happened and it looked like he'd only barely left the property.

Keep in mind that when he could hear, we found him 9 houses away and had to call him out of the bushes.

Maybe he knows he's disabled, remembers that there are cars out side, so I shouldn't worry as much. But maybe he's just as stupid as he's always been. It's hard to make sure mistakes don't happen, but I worry that he is as likely to die from being hit from a car as some disease brought on by old age or complications from his hyperthyroidism.

I'm glad to still have him around, in any case.

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