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Costume update

The costume now has a skirt and the fastners for the underwear. That makes the main part done. The tail connection works well enough, though it makes the back of the costume sit funny. The snaps are gibing me no end of trouble, especially on ehte sleeves where the fabric is too delecate and they're tearing out (they said for delecite fabric, harumph.) So I'll have to pin the sleeves. I'll put the snaps in the underpants tomorrow hopefully and then the main part will be all done. I wore it with pins today. It's a very constraining costume, but that's ok. Hopefully it will survive halloween night. I might sew some of the snaps closed since I can get in and out of it with out operating the top snaps. I'll see when things get closer.

It looks pretty good. I still have a few body issues with it, but hopefully they won't be a big deal.

All in all I'm amazed I've gotten this far. I should likely sick real clothing in my car incase this costume explodes halloween night. It definately seems under strain... I am worried about it lasting.

Ah well, it will look neat, at least for a little bit. The wings will at least pervent over zealous hugs.
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