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So my costume is in this annoying stage of the final touches and little fiddly bits that take large amount of work for only small amounts of gain. Except for the shoes, which I'm just not understanding how to do quite right. At least they're about 1/3 done already.

I'm thinking the leg ribbons will just have to make my legs look fat. I don't really want to spend long hours fighting out how to make them hover just over the surface of my legs. I'll try some double sided sticky tape, but I think that's about it.

I also need to consider if I should go to sears and buy new under wear or just patch the set I have. The stupid "delicate fabric" saps did tear a small hole in the under wear. Really, I should put more hooks on it anyway, to make the connections lie flat.

ARG! Did I mention that I wasn't being thrilled by these little fiddly bits?

I should take comfort in the fact I now have something I can wear. The shoes aren't done, but I still have white boots, and really, no one will be looking at my feet, and even if they were, no one really knows the costume well enough to complain. The leg ribbons will stay well enough on for me to deal, so I could go out today in it and be ok.

This does not, however, help me find the energy to deal with the fiddly bits. It will be so much cooler if I do! WAH!

And for all of you that were confused, my icon is a picture of me in the costume.

EDIT: The ribbons seem to do well enough taped with double sided tape to my legs. That leaves the shoes and tweaking. Yay!

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