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costume in public

That was fun! I got to wear my costume at a party, being self conscious and adjusting the whole night, but I think it was good. Joe Foley was Lara Croft, which was just wonderful and coraline was a normal person, which was scary. There were lots of other great costumes too, as well as silliness.

I forgot to thank the host. Thank you for holding a keen party, kind host!

My costume lasted the night. Two people recognized it, which was so great! Most of the people who wanted to see it in person, got the chance to do so.

I schlacked the begeebers out mf my hair and spend a very long time washing the various hair sprays out, but they really did help everyhitng stay in place, as far as I know. The new leg ribbons were much better, but had to be retaped (because the cloth->tape sticking wasn't working not the tape->skin attachment) two or three times as the night went on, but since I was there for almost 4 hours, that's not too bad.

Now I get to pack things up and clean up the house! Woo!

In other news, my laptop seems to have aquired the annoying habit of thikning that it's net card has been removed and then plugged back in, which on this laptop makes me loose net. It might be time to reinstall this machine.

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