May 23rd, 2002

nicki window

Oo ee oo ah ah

The sunshine in my head is as bright as the outside
False worries have faded for a while
All is warm and all is right
I hope this lasts the night

The smilling mouse is in my house
he scurries and threatens to escape
I pick him up and hold him tight
he's struggling in my ebrace

Hush little mouse, say with me
do not run and hide
The smilling mouse is a fleeting thing
I value his presense for the day
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if I put down in words

Ok, so I actually have to say this in plain English.

Konami of America has announce an american version of DDRMAX with 20 songs that have never appeared on any other (domestic or foreign) version of DDR. It is to be released in November.

Yay! Another version of DDR to look forward to!
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