June 11th, 2002

nicki window

I hate 9:05

Just so people know I'm not whining about "oh, 9:05 that's so late," you should know that I feel sick if I get up earlier than about 9. Since I'm also recently unemployed my schedue has been rotating later as well.

Anyway, I'm really starting to hate 9:05. EVERYONE seems to phone me then. This morning is was Mr. Hangup. More often than not it's stupid illegal debt cancelation recording. But yesterday it was my Step-father telling me he was coming to visit, so I can't even just ignore calls at that time or some other solution. A few days ago it was my Ex from high school who phoned 9:05, though he was greeted with a constant stream of "Don't phone me so early" or something. I can't quite remember what I said.

So this morning I thought "I'll just go back to sleep since I didn't have to talk to Mr. Hangup." But it didn't work. Especailly with having gotten up at 9:05 yesterday to give directions.

Also because it's morning and because of an incedent with my neighbors, Mr. hangup makes me paranoid and makes me wonder if it's some person who just wants to get the naked person out of bed who can see into my house.
But I think that's more credit that I should really give myself but the half-out-of-bed paranoid feelings come up with the strangest ideas.

I hate Mr. Hangup and I hate 9:05.
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