November 19th, 2002

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50000 words

So there is this thing that I've heard about (I looked at the web page a little while back) where you write 50000 words of story, no matter how bad, in the month of November.

I decided what the hell, I need a reason to write more. So I am, despite having most of November gone. I'm a tenth done tonight, and there are ten more days left in November, so I have a shot, right?

The story seems to have formed itself as kind of a tangential off the Antia Blake world (a distalation of it.) I don't know if that disqualifies it from ever being published, but then I've never published anything that I've written, so it's not a big worry. If I really care, I'll look up the copywrite laws if/when it becomes a concern.
Anyway, I'll post a word count of what ever I get done by the end of Novemeber and I'll try to clean it up well enough to be read if anyone wants to be amused by it.

It's a really great idea (the 50000 words thing.)
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