April 15th, 2003

nicki window

That sucked!!! er... I SUCK!

No sooner than I comit to going to the tourney than I go to the arcade and have this happen:

Put quarters in.
I decided to warm up on Telephone operator, 7 foot song I know like the back of my hand. FAILED! (read this in Strong Bad's voice saying DELETED!)
Put more quarters in.
So I decided to do some other 7 foot song. FAILED!
Maybe I should just go home. Put more quarters in.
Ok, darnit! I know I can do holic (8 foot) in the arcade. Ok, passed no problem. Yay! I'm not a complete loss.

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nicki window

Happy things

Things that have made me happy today:

My drum set and having aband to play it in to justify me owning it. A day nice enough to let the wind blow through the house and let Nicki sit on the window sill. The freedom to do all the things I wanted to do today. Good music. Feeling strong. Vegtable Curry. Cupcake!