April 23rd, 2003

nicki window

So I came in last...

I went to the tourney with the goal of not coming in last. I failed that, I came in last. The qualifying songs were at least things that I could look like I was doing well on (Speed Over Beethoven, Freckles, Afronova Primeval, all on trick.) It wasn't Perfect Attack, it was 2/1/0/-4/-6. It didn't help any that I got more greats than perfects on freckles and some how god several misses in Primeval. However, as a condolence, the top score was 1533, the second to last score was 1208, my score was 1166, so I didn't embarrass myself. At least I don't think that I did.

I was the only female to enter, I was likely the oldest. About 30 people entered.

Maybe in 6 months there will be another one and I'll have a chance to redeem myself.
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