October 11th, 2003

nicki window

What's with all these pirates anyway?

So manray tonight was "pirate night" unbenounced to me. There is something surreal about goth pirates. Some of them pulled it off so beautifully, some just looked like they're raied a costume shop. White, black and blood red feathers, long dangling black head scarves and lots of clevage. I think what was most surreal was watching goths go up to one another and say AARRR!!

They played this amusing song (sadly I can't find the lyrics) which was essentially a pirate when down to the goth club and pissed off a vampire there. I couldn't hear the lyrics well, so I'm really sad I can find them anywhere.

The biggest difference I found from the smoking ban, besides the hand stamps was I could smell how bad the bathroom really was.
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