February 1st, 2004

felicia sleep

Jet lag?

So this morning I woke up a little earlier (9ish) than I liked so I went back to bed, then slept until 2 waking up occationally and being unable to get out of bed. It was hard to drag myself out at 2 and I feel I probably could have slept most of the day away.

I've never had jet lag and don't know much about it, but I didn't think this is how it worked. Is this jet lag or one of those illnesses that doesn't give you any other symtoms than Sleep now?
kid me

A party without the birthday

So my birthday is sometime in the next 6 months and I've been thinking this year I really want to have a party. The problem is most years I don't want to have a party or really anyone to notice or care, so I'm a little protective of the date of the actual birthday. So I'm curious if there is some way I can have a party that would still attract people as if it were my brithday without it actually giving away the date, or do I loose because I'm overly protective of the date? Or am I being stupid and should just stop hiding the date?