February 12th, 2004

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media recomendations


mythbusters - On the discovery channel. These people are silly special effects nerds "testing" the myths and then making stuff blow up

A tale of Woe by Terry Hall and Mushtaq - music I heard on the plane from tokyo. A wonderful blend of indian and american music styles with accordions (but only in this song.)1


Alien Taste by Wen Spencer - I read this a while ago, but recently successfully recommended it to someone. Since it was recommended to me I think it's safe to recommend it to other people.2

1Be warned, I like weird music.

2I usually read pablum, so most of the stuff I read I should not recommend or even admit to reading.
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    The hour of two lights -- terry hall and mushtaq
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I so need to code more. I'm SOOOOOO rusty. It didn't help any that it was python, but still. Bleh. I need a little coding puzzles community or something. Daily coding exercise. A new feature to clyde every day! Ok, maybe not.
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clyde poetry

Athena clyde gave me this:

cat      ztoys clyde   clyde, couplet about lint.
rcmd.blo ztoys clyde   lint lives in Medford, so neighbors is probably closed
                       my eyes after kitten lick my fingers are opposed
Then a few moments later:

kchen    ztoys clyde   clyde, haiku about economics
rcmd.blo ztoys clyde   economics and
                       and and and and and and and
                       and and and and and            
I think it's just too late and I'm too easily amused.