April 14th, 2004

unhappy kobun

alergic to good hygene

I seem to have become allergic to underarm deoderant. I was already allergic to anti-perperant. I've tried the stuff that I've been using for ages, and tom's natural stuff. And yes, I really do need it.
felicia sleep

Ok, who hit me with a truck

My blood sugar or something has been a mess today. I started the day hungry, but able to find sometihng I both wanted and wouldn't be too bad for me calorically. About the time my body started to put my head in powersave mode I made some cream of mushroom soup and then went of to run errands. I was fine for the first hour, but then I started to get frustrated and then, in the grocery store I had to go to the car because I couldn't stay standing while greg checked out. I ate some emergency food from the trip so I could drive home safely. While putting away food I was droping it, was very climbsy and was just, in general, slow. I decided getting my brain workign again was more important than trying to fix my weight for the day, so I decided to eat what ever seemed to call to me. I felt better for all of 20 minutes and am currently in a mode where just typign this is a spotty practice. I decided not to go to writing group tonightbecause I would be useless with my mind working at this speed and comprehension.

I'm just going to curl up on the couch and watch TV, since I'm too useless to do much else.
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