May 9th, 2004

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dim sum and pronounciation

If I ever agree to attend an early meal of any kind with you, remind me that if I get up early my stomach does NOT want food and I should likely schedule lunch instead.


Given the recent press about QRIO (kawaii!!), I've recenly found out that I pronounce AIBO differently than many people. Not being able to trivially find the right answer, I figured, poll time!

How do you pronounce AIBO?

AY-BOH (long a as in lake)
other (please comment)

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We should write down teh QRIO pronounciation while we still have the flash pronouncing it for us in both languages.
nicki window

flashy things and kitties

Last night I was playing with those flashy things that you can now buy with the suface mount super bright LEDs, a dark room and my cat. I got some intersting photos from it.

I think that I want to render one of these in another form. I don't think I want to do oil, because it will come out very much like the last painting I did. I think I want to use some other medium, something maybe off the wall, like feathers or wire.

Any suggestions?