May 20th, 2004

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Actors and characters

If you have no interest in TV, don't bother to read this.

The season of season finals is upon me (though, some basic cable stations haven't started yet) and as more of the shows that I look forward to either end or crapify to the point of not really looking forward to them any more, I find myself discoving that I'm not morning the loss of the favorite characters, in many of the cases, but that I'm loosing the opertunity to see the actors act. I'm hoping they'll move on to some other new job. Nip/tuck is a great example of this, since the character of Cole wasn't terribly inspired, when when the actor can say with his eyebrow "yes, really, I'm sorry, I'm not proud of it, but I did sleep with her and are you really all that surprised?" to the other character. that's pretty neat. But then I'm sucker for actors protraying sentances in subtle movements.

Though it's not true in all cases, since I can't STAND to watch McGyver. (Was first season just horrid, or is it one of those shows that was good for the 80's, but not watchable now?)

Some shows that have had a premature end, I do kind of wish I knew more about their lives (I am, for instance, looking forward to the firefly movie a whole bunch.) But most of the shows I've been watching, really, the characters have run their corse, exhasted their interestingness.

I guess the bad part is that there doesn't seem to be much new to replace the shows that are gone or gone bad. Especially not in the good arc-plot intensive daramas.

So here's hoping that the good actors get work, that the new shows don't suck and that the people who feel all self-rigous about not watching TV don't read this far.
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So I wrote my post, didn't post it, closed a browser tab, realized, oops, that was the tab with my post in it. Fretted, because I didn't want to write the post again (saying things twice always feels like the first time it was better.) Was going to give up, opened a new tab, poof! old tab with post in it reappear! post still there!

Now I do a dance!
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Results from the poll

I realize it didn't leave it up that long, but I have my usual number of people who answers polls, so, to those of you who answered the poll, plymouth, and okenguy got it right. Extra points to okenguy for identifing storm and not letting it interfere with his answer, even if he didn't identify Kitty. One of laura47's and jbsegal's guesses was also right.

But to everyone who complained it was blurry, thank you. I'll see what I can do to fix that. It's really hard when you already know what your icon is supposed to look like that it's unclear. I'll see if I can't fix that.

Please let me know if there are any other of my icons that are just unintelligable blurs, if you happen to notice.

EDIT: as a late entry, jadia also got it right.

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My new vacuum is quieter and seems to spin it's brush faster than any other vacuum I've ever owned. It sounds like a buzz saw when it's close the edge of the carpet. There are a bunch of thigns that are better about it, and only a few thigns that I'll miss from the old one. All the latches are also stiff. This is not a vacuum for the elderly.

(and I thought i would never had a need for this icon.)