June 22nd, 2004

nicki window

taiko: class 3

So this is the point in my learning where my beginner's luck runs out and things are harder than they were when I didn't know anything, so today's class flustered me a lot. I don't liek talking to people on the phone, so I don't want ot ask him to phone me with the song I can't remember, so hopefully I can pick Joi's mind about in the car.

Surprisingly the push ups were alot easier though, despite the week off.

He had a little combo tigger activated squeeky hammer and candy dispenser as a punshiment reward device. He's a very silly sensei, which is a good good thing, so even thought I don't feel accomplished and in fact feel like a screw up, he still made me have fun.

EDIT: My arms are a good kind of sore though, and that feels good.