August 8th, 2004

nicki window

Deadlines and discouragement

A friend gave me an arbitray deadline to fix the pinball machine by monday. This is good, because I work better with deadlines, even artifical ones. It helps if I feel like someone cares.

However, once I found out that I didn't have one ofhte parts I needed, I got discouraged. I replaced one switch I shoudl ahve pulled 'the trick' on and pulled 'the trick' on a switch that should have been replaced. That switch is still dead and I didn't feel like replacing it. The important switch, the one I didn't have the part for, I fixed with some creative bending. So at least the pinball machine is playable again. I'll fix the completely dead switch once I get the part for the important switch, but who knows when that will be.

I'm too easily discouraged. On the bright side, I did clean up after the project and get the pinball machine all clean and shiny again, which is good.

EDIT: I can make the part out of the old part and a new differnt part, so now I just need drive again.