September 7th, 2004

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Very expensive and very cheap jewlery

I foudn out that a necklace I needed for the costume was aviable on ebay for $10 (including shipping, but because I'm on a tight budget for the costume, I waffled about making my own or not. I did, finally making my own. Collapse )

Turns out I made it a little smaller than I should have and it's fairly fragile. I'm still not sure if I should have bought or should still buy the metal one, but now at least I have something, regardless.

My super small mp3 player also came today. Collapse )

It has one jack for everything: headphones and usb. It charges using the usb power. Linux sees it as scsi storage, so using it under linux couldn't be easier. And it just worked. It only has only 4 buttons, vol+, vol-, rew, and ff/play/stop/on/off. That's it. It's kind of bare bones, but given the size I'm not surprised. I'm still not sure if I should have spend the money, but it's a sleak device and well worth what I paid. Now I need to write a perl script for loading it, so I can have randomization and nice use of the space.
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Wow am I sore, but really happy. it was SOOOOO fun!

Everyone should do it!!

Ok, not everyone, but you know what I mean.