September 22nd, 2004

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bad ups

UPS decided to do the origin scan after midnight so that they're 3 day select could arrive on monday, despite the shipper processing the order on Tuesday.
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I walked by the mall piercing station, the kiosk in the middle of the hall. What I assume is a father, holding his toddler child who is screaming as the piercer desperatly tries to get a clean shot on what must be a very small earlobe, which is moving and squirm. The little girl screams louder and I find myself flinching, wanting to run away from this cruelty that I cannot stop, where it's the father's accepted privilege to multilate his daughter without her concent (in fact very clearly against her wishes). My mother wanted me to wait until I could make an informed descion, or at least until I was mature enough to understand the descion, even if I was still being infulenced by social pressures. She strong discouraged it, but firmly beleived that at some point I should be able to make my own descions.

As I walked away, I started to think about the ear infections, the cleaning, the tenderness and the ear rings catching in things, then mixing that with the images of sticky, dirty, stumbling toddlers in the natural state of play. These things just don't mix.
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katamari damashii

This is actually a pretty sweet game so far. So silly. It's very me.

"B-U-T, first things first, does the Prince like vibration? Meaning the moving and the shaking. No, no, I hate it! Plain is best! I love going au naturel!"

"Anyway, lets go home. Royal rainbow!!"

Until your karamari is big enough you can only roll up people by hitting them first.

Little girl: "Oh, I feel the cosmos. Cancer came scuttling back. So yummy..." (fade into echo.)

This game is so me. it's great. I love rolling sparrows into my ball! yay! sparrows!!

EDIT: oo! I got my first person in the ball. I've made myself motion sick. I want the soundtrack, but it's $28! more than the game!! Nooooo!!

EDIT: I love how the people scream!! This game is so weird.
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