September 26th, 2004

nicki window

Bang bang, the hammer hit the shingle

There are many things I like about living in this town. Being close to friends is one of them. There are many things that bad, but are well worth living here for, like small living spaces. And then there are the things I really hate. Like having to keep my windows closed all the time, because you never know if there will be a nieghbor's son with an in oppertune view, or a tree guy hanging out side your window or two men on a ladder, hammering the neighbor's roof. I don't like the fact that there is almost always construction noise, since there are so many houses so close to one another. And I really don't like the fact that "personal property" around here means so very little, because for the neighbor to have his roof fixed, the ladder has to be in my driveway.

I'm just cranky because they put their very squeeky ladder up at 8am and wanted to vent.
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nicki window

to those in the somerville area with a mild interest in taiko

this might be good way to get a taste for it:

Experience the fun, exhiliration and excitement of kumidaiko (ensemble
drumming) in this introductory workshop. No previous experience
Date: Sunday, July 25, 1 - 4 pm
Location: Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square (Somerville)
Cost: $40
To register, go to our website: