October 2nd, 2004

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Were they right?! (the next chapter in the laptop saga)

So I haven't had a hard drive error since I reinstalled linux and windows. Does that mean they were right? There is a physicall thing I did, where I had the HD out a few times, so I could have tightened a loose connector in that process, but it didn't seem loose. I don't remember when the problems started to happen, but I can't immagine an intermittent, grub happy, boot sector virus.

I'm so confused.
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Music recomendations

So this helped last time I needs a music recomendation (the juno reactor recomendation was very good.) This time, does anyone have a recomendation of something that simliar to Fallen by Evanescence? I've been quite enjoying the blend of heavy guitar with her high voice kind of soring above it. So, recommend some music to me!

Thank you, live journal.

EDIT: what's currently your favorite band/song?
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    some avril lavigne song from the amazon preview button
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costume update

It's been slow going partly because of feeling sick, partly because this costume is been indimidating me into not working and partly because there is been lots of tweaking, but I finally got the black part of her pants done and the first two red things (the pair on the legs, and the next one up) sewn completely and attached to the pants. I'm hoping the last three red thisgn go much faster.

I didn't realize how hard this costume was going to be.