October 18th, 2004

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[costume] am I jinxing it? (scheduling photo shoot)

So I'm hoping the costume will be done by Thursday. I'd like to do a photoshoot/test run like last time. This means I need one or two people to tell me what things have shifted out of place, how to hold my body so the most parts of the costume of visible and what looks good to the camera and what doesn't and then press the button. bluepapercup and frodo were marvolous for this dizzy shoot. Because of the length of the wand and some of the shots I want to do, I want to do an outside day light shoot this time. So I was thinking either Thursday as soon after people's work as possible (5 is likely the latest to start, sunset is at 5:53) or Sunday, 2ish. Anyone want to help me?

If neither time works for you, but you're still interested, let me know, since there is one more week before Halloween, I've not heard of any early (or at all) party invites, yet.
nicki window

[costume] hair

So it's almost done. I just have to attach the brown bits to the blue bits and make the shoe tips and I'm done. Then any tweaking/redoing the bra I want to do is extra. I do have one question though, pain has short hair and I was planning on just putting my hair ina pony tail, but it doesn't play nice with the standy up collar. It's not too bad, but not too good either.

I'll likely just be lazy and let my hair and my ponytail play. The collar is kind of ornery as it is.

I still haven't put everything on to see if I missed anything.

At least I'm excited again! Yay!! Almost done.