November 2nd, 2004

nicki window


I've been living in the states for 21 years now. And this is the first time, since the trauma of elementry school, that I've actually felt like the alien my card says I am.

I think I'm going to go hide now.
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nicki window

[stupid story] I really have to have that music party

Many many months ago I heard a song on a commerical and it immediately struck me as something I wanted to know what it was. I mostly forgot about it, but then when playing random games at a friends house, heard a remix of it. I then proceeded to buy that game (mostly because it was a fun game) and played it enough to get the name of the peice of music. I then hunted the orginal track down on amazon and now the album is waiting on my wish list. I really like it, so I'm glad random chance got me back to the peice of music. I don't know why I like it though.

I really have to have the "bring your mp3 collection and share music, via free assiciation" party, since I have no clue why I like once piece of music and not another.
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    Emerge (junkie XL remix) -- Fischerspooner