January 29th, 2005

nicki window

Can anyone explain this to me?

So I think flowers are pretty and smell nice, and some of the bouquet's on the web pages are really pretty, but how does anyone justify spending at a minium $30 + delivery on a bouquet, $50 if you want to get anything that isn't just mums and carnations, and a potential $165 (I'm sure you can always pay more, but this was one of the offered, non-custom, bouquets) on something that will sit there and be pretty for a week? For $30, there are so many other more lasting ways to give enjoyment.

Am I just too practicle for flowers? Too cheap? Just don't get it? Or is it some weird social pressure, like diamonds which are a product of marketing and monopoly and not actually worth the price they're asking? Or am I missing something in the jesture of wastefully giving a moment a week's worth of happiness, kind of the "you're worth enough to me to be stupid with my money, here flush this $50 down the toilet if it will make you smile."

I've given the gift of beef before, which is also consumable, but it seems so much more practicle.

And I would be happy to send flowers if it were more of a $10-$30 thing, where $30 got you something fairly nice.

I guess I'm cheap.

EDIT: so this post is specifically about sending flowers to other people, specifically in Canada. Mostly I wonder how ftd, 1800flowers, and alike stay in business. And as I said above, there is a price point issue here. I'm more asking why people are willing to, on a regular enough basis to keep these companies open, pay so much for flowers that you can get for much cheaper. These prices don't include delivery even.