March 26th, 2005

nicki window

Woah! back in my day....!!!

So there is this game lumies. It's supposed to be really good. It's supposed to be puzzles + music. Right up my alley. So I start looking around, wondering what the price of a PSP is. It seems you can buy it with out a bundle, except a few limited places. Bundles run about $400. At teh limited places the unit itself, no games, $250. $250? For a handheld?!! WHAT?! Supposedly the quality contorl is really bad too and they're being released with a bunch of bad pixels.

Guess I'll be buying this in oh, say, 4 years.

a thank you

Thank you to the people who suggested I should read about Buddhism. I picked up and started reading The Art of Happiness. I don't know if this will change my life. Probably not, since it's mostly telling me things I already know and a book can't change your life without you doing something, but I'm enjoying reading it, at least so far. I'm enjoying learning about these conversations and about the man (he really seems like an interesting and thoughful person) and about the relgion. I'm actually started how little I knew about Buddhism and how closely many of it's doctorines match my own personal ones. I'd grown rather cynical about organized relgion and it's nice to learn about one that isn't so lost in the glory of itself.