June 3rd, 2005

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short films

So amazon had this short flim contest. Some of them were horrible, but many were really good. You can see some of the top ones here.

The ones I recommend are (in order):

Me!! Me! Me. Me, Me...(this is my favorite)
The Trailer
The first half of The Waiters
And maybe Snap but I have mixed feelings about it.

Mr. Dramatic is ok, but not great, but stars, we beleive, the actress who played Fred on Angel.

I haven't seen all the finalists, but I beleive that I remember mildly liking Street Thereapy during the inital voting stages.

There were some really interesting stuff done, some really amazing animations, cool concepts and a lot of neat stuff. I should look into more things like this. It's been a great way of just taking 5 or so minutes and watching something.