December 12th, 2005

casio sb

Ever since the watermelon...

These are the songs that remind me that even if I can't write something deep and meaningful with powerfuls swells of musical passion, that's ok. In fact if I can just write something that makes a little bit of sense and doens't make people run screaming from the room, cringing at my half cent off key playing, hey, I win!

"You remind me of my Jeep"
"My love is like... Wo."
"My humps."
And the entire "urban opera" "Trapped in the closet."
And thing sung my Shakira where she sounds like a goat. (This is for my singing.)
the line "Whoomp, there it is, now I'm done."

And so much more, but this is the current list. It's heavily biased by a VH1 special, but that's ok.