January 4th, 2006


reasons why not to have a drop cieling

After a grand adventure enjoying all the new things avaliable while shopping, Greg and I come home and can't find the kittens. We start ringin bowls, looking for open doors, places they could hide when greg sees something move over the florecent in the drop ceiling. We get the step later, which then proceeds to break so that only the top step works any more. we pull them down (they seem to want down, but not to come down via my hands. They are covered in dust, cobwebs and ickiness. Iz has lost her embrodered collar.

I gave them a shower and am now covered in sratches on my right arm. This will give anyone a really bad impresion of them, since this is 3x as many sratches as I've ever gotten from them before.
head a splode

digital frames

This is boring, mostly just documenting for myself.

So my shopping adventure, is that there was an almost reasonably priced digital photo frame that wasn't ugly that best buy's site said wasn't avliable but I found it after a fair amount of waiting and asking. Sadly it has no sound, so I'll be returning it. I was so happy with my find, my little splurg. I wanted a toy, I found a toy, but now I'm returning it and I'm sad. I almost want to keep it because finding it made me so happy.