January 5th, 2006

nicki window

reasons why not to have drop cielings, Part II

So this morning I hear plaintif whining. And I know they're back up there. We come down, find Nate walkign around innocently, the hole in the drop cieling (they broke it last night and we put up a patch that obviously didn't help) and no izzy. At this point I'm pretty sure I know why she's whining, and while greg is off getting soemthing to help with the problem, I try to pursader her back over to the corner. You see the reason we have a drop ceiling is the last owner thought it would be cheaper than repairing the falling down plaster and lathe, which stilll exists over top the drop cieling. It has these large holes in it.

Yes, she was stuck, somewhere in the cieling. We don't know how she got to a part with no holes in it, but she did. She's lost yet another collar, at least this one wasn't special order. We had to pry down some plaster and lathe to make a hole for her to get out of. Then after we let her down the hole, SHE REFUSED TO COME DOWN OFF THE DROP CIELING. We got her down, gaver her a much needed bath (that is not what I meant when I said I wanted grey kittens) in which I didn't get any new scratches this time.

The cieling is still all apart right now. We're trying to figure out ways of keeping this from happening again since they seem to be TO STUPID to learn they shoudln't go places they get trapped.

This is still too soon after for it to be funny.