February 7th, 2006

felicia sleep

New game!

I'm pretty "done" with WoW. Quite just bored with it. So today I found this game, Dofus, which as a good sense of humor, interesting classes and one week free to try it out. It's a MMORPG thats a turn based tatics game like Final Fantasy Tatics, Disgaea or Shining Force III. I don't know if it will hold my attention for long, but I think it will be a nice distraction for at least the week of the free trial. I'll likely even throw a 3 month subscription at it.

My current highest level character is a Ecaflip, which is a lady luck type character. I think I'll pick something else to play tomorrow. Sadly the name Cree is taken! Who keeps taking my name!

Oh, I also tried Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst today as well, but it didn't grab me.