April 20th, 2006

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I want to see a show/movie with Matt frewer and James Marsters in it.

The last time I asked the world for a team up, it showed up on the TV only an hour later (Annie lenox and David Bowie duet.)

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felicia sleep

Sleep number adventures

So greg and I have had our current matress since grey. This means it's over 6 years old. As an innerspring, it's kind of sagging. We, in desperation to see what was out there, went to the sleep number store in the galleria, fully expecting them to be over-priced, infomercial hype.

Two days ago, our bed arrived. We've just assembled it upon my return from Canada and now start our 30 day trial, which is 28 days now.

I'm hoping we've done well. There are somethings, like the lack of movement transmission form each side that I think I'll love. The tricky bit will be determinig if we hate the bed, or the inflation before the trial is up.

I realized bedding is about as exciting as what vegtable I had for dinner, but expect more updates anyway.