May 23rd, 2006

nicki window

[Domestic] Good stuff

More boring domestic stuff.

I got this:

to let in some light with out letting people on the street see in. It's plastic static cling window stuff. It's mildly costly, but really nice stuff to work with. I also had a little left over so I covered the window in our door too. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow with the sun coming in.
head a splode

The cubic cube

I haven't bought myself a toy in a while. Ok, maybe that's not true, but I want to by myself a toy! Anyway, because Nate chewed my headphones on my happy necklace mp3 player and it takes a stupid 2.5mm plug, I picked up this:

but in black. 2g. I havne't opened the package yet. I've already gone to the store once and not bought it. I went again and started to have second thoughts again. I'm trying to have my second thoughts before opening the package.

Hm... lots of stupid meaningless posts today. But that's what lj is for!
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